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Let CFO 4 Your Biz Handle Your Company's Payroll

CFO 4 Your Biz offers payroll services to our clients. Say good-bye to payroll hassles, CFO 4 Your Biz offers a high-quality payroll service that is customized for you and your business. Rely on us to deliver top quality service all year long. 


  • We calculate all federal, state, and local taxes, as well as voluntary deductions such as retirement plan contributions and insurance premiums.
  • We complete your federal and state payroll filings, including quarterly, year end, and W-2's.
  • All of your payroll information will be maintained and available: employee records, past pay stubs, tax filings, and records of tax payments.
  • On payday, paychecks can be handed out or electronically deposited into employee bank accounts with our Direct Deposit service.
  • We provide professional pay stubs detailing the current as well as year-to-date withholding's, vacation, and sick time. 
  • All common pay types are supported.