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Firm announcements and updates.

Audits, Meetings and Clients, O My!

CFO 4 Your Biz has been busy at work. Take a look at a few activities we have been up to. 


CFO 4 Your Biz has been preparing for an audit, which will take place at the end of the month for one of our clients. We are also wrapping up another audit, which took place at the beginning of the month for another client.

CFO 4 Your Biz does not conduct audits for organizations, but we will assist our clients with them. Let CFO 4 Your Biz deal with the auditors, while you, the business owner perform your normal duties. 


CFO 4 Your Biz attended the NeHII Annual Meeting on August 3rd in Kearney Nebraska. It was a huge success and another great annual meeting in the books. We love meeting new people and seeing the people we do business with everyday.

Need someone to present at board meetings or your company's annual meeting? Let CFO 4 Your Biz handle it, we not only create your company's financial statements, but we can deliver them to!


CFO 4 Your Biz is happy to announce two new clients for the month of August. All of our clients are unique and request different services from us. Some businesses are small with one to three employees, while others have up to ten. Several businesses want us to perform bookkeeping activities, while others want business management and a financial analysis of their business. Whatever you are seeking for your business, give CFO 4 Your Biz a call and let's talk about what you would like to change. 

Hate processing payroll, want a more accurate financial picture, or are you ready to take on some growth? Let CFO 4 Your Biz take the daily financial burden away and let's take your company to the next level! 

Ashley Bremers