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How To Have A Successful Small Business While Protecting Your Mental Health

October 10th is World Mental Health Day. CFO 4 Your Biz works with small businesses everyday and we are a small business ourselves. People often forget, that having a small business is a lot of work and it may take more of a mental toll on someone than an ordinary corporate job.

The Forbes article “How To Run A Successful Small Business And Protect Your Mental Health” by David Hollew is an excellent article reminding small business owners to take care of themselves, while having the ability to relate to other small business owners.

If you are a small business owner, read the below article, you may be surprised how accurate it is. Then think about how you can improve your mental health, whether it be to talk to a medical professional, try to spend more time with your family, or incorporate fun / happy items throughout your day.

One way CFO 4 Your Biz can help your business and possibly your mental health, is by getting your accounting in order. We let you know what some of your larger expenses are and give you suggestions on how to improve your business. If accounting gives your anxiety, give CFO 4 Your Biz a call.

Ashley Bremers