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Payroll Services

When you think of an accounting firm, payroll is not normally the first thing that comes to mind. However, after many years in business, we have found that payroll is an area that most clients do not want to handle on their own. Whether it is the time commitment, or the confusing taxes, CFO 4 Your Biz is your best solution to handle your accounting and payroll needs.

We have experience in setting up new employees and will sit down with your employees to complete their new hire paperwork, along with going over your companies handbook & policies. Some of the new hire paperwork you need to obtain from employees include:

  • W-4 information
  • I-9 information
  • Direct Deposit information (most companies do not hand out paper checks anymore)
  • Benefits paperwork
  • Complete background checks & run an E-Verify report (optional)

The next item you need to set up or think about are monthly and quarterly payroll tax payments and reports. Some taxes you might have to pay include:

  • State Payroll Tax
  • Federal Payroll Tax
  • Unemployment Tax 

If you want CFO 4 Your Biz to handle your business' payroll, give us a call today. We currently have over 10 clients on our payroll system and would be happy to answer any questions you have regarding payroll.