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Start-up Business - Accounting Help

When starting a business, most owners want to spend the least amount possible on stuff they think they can do themselves. People think they can buy Quickbooks, handle the accounting and when tax time comes, consult with a tax professional. However, they do not realize that it is crucial to have a quality accountant when starting their business. Accountants offer advise on a wide range of topics, including how much you should pay yourself, to recording everything correctly in Quickbooks.

We all know you get what you pay for, and yes the top accountants are expensive, but they also come with experience & knowledge which are extremely beneficial to the business owner. Once you go several months or years with no accountant it will cost you more in the long run by either eventually getting your books straightened out or by missing a tax deduction / recording something improperly.

If you are thinking about starting a business, let CFO 4 Your Biz help you get started. We have seen clients become more successful after hiring us from the beginning, versus trying to have us straighten out their books years after opening. If the businesses with issues would have hired CFO 4 Your Biz from the beginning, we would have advised them on some of the items that caused them issues before they hired us, and they would have been more successful. After all who doesn't want to receive good quality advise when starting something new.